Being one of the most wanted club and cover bands with 2000 performances for 12 years, Euterpa has started a new phase of original music released its first single for Menart Production Company in Belgrade.

The bend’s first original song “Clash” belongs to power pop genre and was recorded in Studio Coda, under the supervision of Mario Pajic. All the recorded instruments are real and “alive” which is a rarity in this age of samples, programming and computerized virtual instruments. That’s why Euterpa fosters modern “live” music.

The author of song’s music and text is Jovana Vujnovic. She is also the main vocal of Euterpa. The song was arranged by Goran German, Branislav Vukobratovic and Ivan Mirkovic Bamby.

Looneyrama Production Company signs the music spot for “Clash”. It is done in 4k and will be promoted at the cinema in 5.1 audio system.

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